Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes and How To Prevent It?

babies rubbing eyes

Is your baby rubbing his eyes a lot? Are you worried about how constantly he seems to be doing this? Are you looking for causes behind this rubbing?  Are you anxious about him unintentionally causing some harm to his eyes? Do you wonder what you can do to help your baby? Read on to get all the answers…

There’s nothing cutest than watching babies rub their eyes with those tiny little fists. But is this one of those strange things babies rub their eyes trying to tell you something? Usually, babies rub their eyes when they feel tired or sleepy. But in a few cases, your little one might also be feeling pain and itchiness due to an eye infection, some dust on his eyelash, or even those dreaded allergies. It is a warning sign for all the above. You need to be alert to protect your baby from accidentally hurting his or her eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why babies rub their eyes.

1. Baby Is Sleepy

If your baby rubs his eyes and yawns, it indicates that he is tired and sleepy. But, do you think how does rubbing eyes help your child? When he/she is tired, eyes are fatigued. By rubbing his/ her eyes, they get relief from the soreness and tension created in the muscles of the eyes, around the eyes and in the eyelids. This indicates that your baby is requires long nap!

When you notice all these signs of sloppiness’, the first thing you have to do is put your baby is to sleep immediately to avoid eye rubbing and fatigue.

2. Eyes are dry:

Another reason behind baby rubbing eyes is that your baby’s eyes become too dry. Eyes become dryness due to our eyes have a protective tear film in the front, which evaporates when exposed to air for a long time and cause dryness. It leads to baby discomfort and baby is instinctively trying to sort out this problem with his rubbing.

3. Baby Is Curious:

Besides sleepiness and dryness of eyes, there are other possible causes why your baby may rub his eyes. One of them is baby curiousness. You might have noticed how curious your baby is when he/she recently develops motor skills. The baby might be experimenting with this newly developed skill and would be trying it over and over again to experience it.

4. Baby Is Wondered Or Amazed:

If your baby is not tired and still rubbing his eyes, it may be due to the incredible visual stimulation he/she gets while doing so. He/she would have loved the feeling of closing his eyes, rubbing them and repeating it to see all those visual patterns and lights in the closed eyelids. Maybe this is what has sparked your baby’s interest! You can divert his attention by showing something more interesting from this light play to distract him.

5. There Is Something in Baby’s Eyes:

If there is something irritating in your baby eyes cause him/her to discomfort and rub his eyes. There could be crustiness around his eye or bit of dust or fluff in his eyes. These particles cause a lot of irritation to him and allow to vigorously rubbing his eyes. But in this case, rubbing can cause more harm to your little one’s eyes as this may result in particle scratching the eye surface.

If eye rubbing is looking along with crying and eyes turning red, it is an obvious signal that there is something fallen in your baby’s eyes.

  • Dip a cotton ball in cold water.
  • Squeeze over the eyes slowly to flush away the particle.
  • Wipe off any crustiness using a clean cotton cloth.

Note:  If your baby is still experiencing the irritation, you must consult him to a doctor or a healthcare provider.

6. An eye infection:

If you find that your baby’s eyes are red and that they fuss while rubbing their eyes, it could indicate an eye infection especially if it is accompanied by a fever or eye discharge.

Consult the doctor immediately to treat the infection and make your baby get better.

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