Top 10 Physical Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

Physical Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

You have probably heard about the benefits of doing exercises during pregnancy such as better sleep, shorter labor pain, more strength and endurance, and a lighter mood. But, some exercises or physical activities you need to avoid during pregnancy because it could prove to be dangerous to you and the little one inside the womb. Healthtechtips helps you understand the top 10 Physical Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy.

Top 10 Physical Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy:

It is important that women who are pregnant and planning to exercise needs aware of what exercises they should do and what to avoid in order to ensure their baby’s safety. Read on to know.

1. Heavyweight:

Lifting heavy weights involve maximal isometric muscle contractions leads to strain your back and pelvis. It can also lead the chances of prolapse (uterus slips into the vagina). If you are lifting something heavy, try to hold it close to your body and slowly bend your knees while lifting. If you have had a miscarriage in the past, avoid lifting the weight.

2. Do not exercise lying on the stomach:

Exercises lying on the stomach may cause serious injury to your baby, especially after the first trimester. So, avoid uncomfortable postures and exercises that make you lie on your stomach during pregnancy.

3. Cycling:

Cycling is not a good idea for expectant moms because once your belly grows bigger, sitting and balancing on a cycle will become very difficult. Also, falling from cycle may lead to serious injury or even a miscarriage.

4. Roller-Coaster rides:

Say a big No to amusement park rides during pregnancy. The vertical and circular motion of the rides will make you nauseated. Also, a forceful take off and sudden start or stop landing of the rides will harm your baby.

5. Downhill skiing and snowboarding:

You must avoid downhill skiing and snowboarding during pregnancy as you may lose body balance resulting in suffers from severe falls and injuries.

6. Running:

Running is good for you only if you have been regularly running. Do not start a fresh running routine as it may harm to the fetus.

7. Certain types of yoga:

Yoga is good for health, but some positions closed twists, belly down postures, full inversions, and backbends require a lot of stretching and twisting should be avoided during pregnancy. Consult your doctor before doing yoga during pregnancy. The best option is to attend prenatal yoga classes, which is specifically designed for pregnant women.

8. Scuba diving, surfing, and water-skiing:

Scuba diving, surfing, and water-skiing can increase the risk of falls and injury to both you and your baby. The decompression during scuba diving could adversely affect the baby.

9. Avoid Sports:

Some sports prove to be very dangerous during pregnancy. Avoid sports activities like swimming, skiing, tennis, volleyball, and horseback riding.

10. Sauna bath or hot tubs:

You may find this weird, but relaxing in the hot bathtub can be dangerous as it can increase the chances of birth defects and also infectious ailments if the water or the tub is not clean. The water temperature used for bathing should be close to your body temperature.

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Note:  You need to be careful in your every movement during pregnancy, especially after the first trimester. Consult your doctor before you take up any physical activities/exercises.

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