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Unwanted Facial Hair Tips that Actually Work

Unwanted facial hair also called Hirsutism(in medical terms),  can become a cause of embarrassment to some women. It is caused due to the use of certain medications, hormonal imbalance of the body, or adrenal gland disorders can cause unwanted facial hair. But in many cases overgrowth of facial hair is caused due to genetics. Whatever

5 Effective Tips to control Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problems we face today at one point. A thick head of hair not only makes you attractive but also gives you confidence. Hair fall is common in both men and women. Excessive hair loss is attributed to a number of reasons – stress, illness, vitamin deficiencies, medications,

Top 10 Ayurvedic remedies for healthy hair

There is nothing more attractive than a thick head of hair, but hair loss is a common woe for most people nowadays. There are various causes of hair loss- hormonal imbalance, illness, medications, environmental effects, excessive smoking, too much stress, use of wrong hair products and even a poor diet. Going ayurvedic remedies is the

Home Remedies for Split Ends

The term split ends refers to the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to excessive heat, dryness, thermal, mechanical and chemical stress. The condition is medically called trichoptilosis. The most simple and effective way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. But trimming your hair is not always the

Miracles of Tea Tree Oil for Hair

There is nothing more attractive than a thick head of hair But due to some or the other reason, our hair follicles become gray, dull, frizzy, and dry. There are various causes of hair loss  problem, such as pollution, hormonal imbalance, illness, exposure to UV rays, use of harmful products and chemical, and and even

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problem’s in today’s life that many people are suffering from. However, this is common in both man and woman. There can be several factors behind hair fall like aging, environmental effects, too much stress, excessive smoking, hormonal imbalance, diseases, excessive medicine, lifestyle. There are several freely available

Ways to Remove Hair Color

Changing your hair color is one of the hottest hair makeover trends, around the world. It comes in different shades like brown, burgundy, gold, silver, red, blue, etc. However, coloring your hair is a simpler process than removing it. So, here are some amazing tips and tricks that help you to remove your hair color,