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Tips for bathing your newborn

There are suddenly so many questions that arise in your mind when it comes to bathing your newborn. When to give your newborn a bath? How often should you bathe a newborn? What is the right water temperature? Don’t be nervous, we’ve got all the bases covered to prepare you for baby’s first bath—and can

Home Remedies for Baby Eczema

It is common not to want to over-medicate your child because parents understand the elegance of their baby’s skin and want to avoid as many steroid and petroleum-based products as possible. It’s natural for being a parent to seek chemical free home remedies for baby eczema that help your baby’s body to build a resistance

Baby Food Recipes

Do you want to find some healthy yet delicious recipes to your baby that he/she will love eating? If your answer is yes then read on to check out our food recipe for a year old baby and see how you can make them at home yourself. Milk Rice: Ingredients: 4 cups Milk ½ cup

Is Alkaline Water Safe For Babies?

The parents are always worried about the good health of the baby and all the steps taken by the parents to do the best for the baby. One of these steps is alkaline water. So being the parents, it becomes necessary to know all the health associated aspects of alkaline water. Let’s take a closer