4 Amazing Seeking Eyes Hacks You Should Know

Amazing Seeking Eyes Hacks You Should Know

You may not always have hours for make-up. Sometimes you get only a few minutes for touch-up. Knowing quick tricks not only helps you to become your own guide, but also escape you from blunders. Some girls also skip make-up altogether just because they are unaware of easy-to-use hacks. These amazing seeking eyes hacks will not only surprise you, but also help you feel confident and elegant. Are you ready for a makeover? Well, right time never comes, it’s now or never. So, read on and try out to become handy with these amazing seeking eyes hacks.

Seeking Eyes Hacks

Baby Powder for Thicker Lashes

Have you been waiting to learn fake lashes look till now? You need not wait anymore. Here’s the trick to get it easily. For thicker and fuller lashes, apply mascara on your eye lashes as you normally do. Get an ear bud and dip it in baby powder. Rub it on your lashes to separate them from each other. You may apply mascara again if you need.

Seeking Eyes Hacks

Winged Eye Look

Firstly draw lines to get winged eyes and then fill in the colors. Carefully draw a wing at the outside corner of your eye as shown in this picture. Thereafter, fill it using the same eye liner. This way your smoky eyes will look finer.

Seeking Eyes Hacks

Personalized Gel Eye Liner

Wondering why gel eye liner? Because gel lasts longer, as the pencil eye liners tend to smudge frequently. Even though gel liners are costlier, but then they could be made at home too. Get a lighter and eye liner. Heat the end of the pencil eye liner with lighter to obtain gel eye liner.

Mascara can Play the Eye Liner Too

When you fail to find out eye liner, just rub eye liner brush over the mascara brush and its ready to be used as liner. If your mascara is black then well and good, but if it’s not, even then it would work. The prime focus of mascara is to beautify eye lashes; hence, after using mascara as eye liner, your lids will be sharper and cleaner.

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